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Here's what some of our customers and gift recipients have taken the time to write to us about our gifts and service.

"The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose" ~Heda Bejar


Reviews of our gifts for Women

"She said it was the most beautiful gift she had ever received!" We hear it time and time again yet it never ceases to overwhelm us with pride. We choose each item in our gifts with great thoughtfulness and take extraordinary care in packaging each gift by hand. Your gift is important to you and it will be important to us.


I sent one of your baskets to a very good customer as a get well gift.  I have dealt with her over the phone for several years, but we have never met.  I was a little nervous about sending something so personal, but it was absolutely perfect.

She called me in tears saying how yucky she was feeling that day until her gift arrived.  It made her day, and changed her mood completely.  Thank you for taking such care in selecting the contents for your baskets and the beautiful wrapping.  She said she had never received something packaged so beautifully. I will definitely order from you again.
Mary A on a gift she sent to a client

I just placed my third order with you and am recommending you to all of my friends and family. Indeed, all of the recipients of the baskets I've sent are reporting that they, too, are patronizing your great enterprise as well.

My sister recently received a birthday basket from you and swooned (and she is very particular and would have told me if anything wasn't quite right); my best friend loved her 50th birthday book basket back in January and I'm sure the order I just placed to a good friend of mine who just helped me through surgery (it's a thank you basket) will be equally thrilled. I appreciate your business and all the extravagant touches you put on every detail of each basket. Thanks for helping me show my love, appreciation and gratitude to the important people in my life.
Susan S.

I recently purchased the Fit for a Queen gift for my mom's birthday.  I was in the doghouse -- due to the grievous error of forgetting my mom's birthday!  Thanks to your great gift -- I've been forgiven.  She absolutely loved her gift and was very impressed by the way that it was packaged.  She thought that I had put it together myself, because everything was so perfectly suited to her.

I searched and searched on the internet for a gift basket that was unique and special and your company's site was the ONLY one that I found that really fit that criteria.  I was very impressed with the ease of ordering, the speed of delivery and the quality and presentation of the final product (my mom even commented on the pink styrofoam peanuts used as packing material!). Thank you!!!

Felicia J. on a book gift basket for her mom

I just received a call from the coworker we sent one of your baskets to…… She could not express enough what an AMAZING gift this was to her!!!  Everyone who saw it was in awe of how well it was packaged and arranged to make it such a unique experience.  She followed the directions to a tee and just enjoyed every moment of the gift. Thank you so much and I will definitely be using you for future gifts.  
Lisa F. on a book gift basket she sent to a coworker

I just wanted to let you know I received the Ellen D. book and gift set from my mother-in-law. I'm 8 months pregnant and she wanted to send it 'just because'.  I have never received a gift box or basket so nicely put together. I felt so special and I really loved the presentation.  La Vie En Rose is not for the regular person, these gifts should only be given for special occasions and to special people - and it's worth it. Thank you so much! I have your website bookmarked and will definitely send gifts to my family and special friends from this site.

Sana A.. on a book gift basket she received

My mom got the order today and was absolutely thrilled by it. All the nurses came in and ooohed and aaahed over it as well. Thank you for such a beautiful gift.
Stephanie L. on book gift basket she sent to her mom in the hospital

I want to thank you for your wonderful customer service and to tell you that my sister was THRILLED with the gift basket. She even said to bookmark the page, as this is a gift that is so classy and generous that I should not be afraid to send this to other recipients.

Thank you for such a wonderful idea. It was impressive enough that she forgot that the gift was a month late!
Elaine P. on a book gift basket for her sister's birthday

You made it!!!!!!! Thank you for your personal concern and excellent customer service unlike an internet order. That made it even more special….
Hudson W. on a last minute gift that arrived in the nick of time

Thank you so much for your help and in getting these gifts out today.  I know my girls will love them.  The following is the “thank you” for the Ellen Degeneres gift box I sent to a co-worker who had surgery:

First, let me thank you for the terrific and unique "get well" gift!  Kudos to the shopper!  It was so beautifully wrapped that I hated to open it. But when I did, the presentation just got more beautiful!  I love it!  It made my day!  Each item seemed to be perfectly picked for my taste. You really shouldn't have, but I'm ecstatic that you did!  

Kay C. on a book gift basket for a co-worker

I can't thank you enough for your well thought out gift selections. I sent a gift last week and am still receiving rave reviews! Your web site is a great alternative to disposable flowers! Even though the recipient was a female, her husband was quick to point out what he grabbed first (music CD). Wonderful ideas-kudos to you and your store!
Jini K. on a book gift basket for a co-worker  

Thanks so much for all of your help. You do such a great job and are such a pleasure to work with! I keep you in mind for all special gifts, and always refer you when someone is looking for a unique idea.
Xhana N. on book gift baskets she has sent to business associates and friends 

I am an enormous fan of your site, La Vie en Rose, and have placed many book basket orders for friends and family members who have absolutely adored them. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago, I wanted to buy her something meaningful for her hospital stay and recovery time at home before chemo. I didn't want it to be just any gift, so I chose one of your book baskets. Of all of the flowers and gifts she received, your basket was the most unique, feminine and beautiful. It truly made her feel like a woman again. I cannot tell you what a difference a small pink and white box made to my mother after her mastectomy.

Michelle M. on a breast cancer book gift basket for her mother

I bought one of your baskets for my mom for Mother's Day. She fawned over it for days, not wanting to 'mess it up', and took it to the library to show it off to her work friends. She ended up bringing it home and putting it "somewhere safe" because she thought it was too special to just waste by messing it up right then...

Well with her surgery ahead, she wanted to find it and couldn't. Apparently the place she put it was REALLY finally found it this weekend, and I swear it was like I got to give it to her all over again. It lit her up, she was smiling with tears in her eyes and was going through it telling me how she was going to use it all. She'll wear the dainty pink socks during her surgery. She'll use the book light to read in her room. She'll listen to the CD in the hospital....etc...etc....It was like watching a kid on Christmas morning, When my mom was her lowest, opening that box again made her eyes light up...again. Thanks.
Emily R. on a book gift basket for her mom

My first order with your company was a great success.  It was a gift for my mother's retirement celebration and she greatly enjoyed the basket. I especially appreciated the time your customer service took to notify me by email *and* phone that I had neglected to sign the card for the gift, and my phone conversation with your representative was charming and professional.

Thank you for your exquisite service. I look forward to doing business with La Vie en Rose again.
Melissa T. about a book gift basket for her mother

My mother received her Snow Flower & the Secret Fan gift basket yesterday. She was so impressed with the quality and presentation of the gift she called me right away to tell me how lovely it was. I was thrilled to hear her go on and on about the wrapping, the items inside and how pretty it all was.

I must let you know that I searched and searched for the right "Book Gift" for her. Everything out on the internet was either cheesy, or only had Danielle Steele type romance novels to choose from. Thank you so much for offering a quality product with intelligent titles to choose from. I will definitely recommend your website to everyone I know. And, I've already hinted to Mom that I'd like to receive one of your baskets myself! Thanks again!
Terri U. on a book gift basket for her mom's birthday

It is a delight, and a rarity, to deal with a company that is truly concerned and in touch with their customers.  Your company's website describes your desire to make customers happy, and this experience shows me that it is certainly not just hype.  I look forward to making future purchases from La Vie En Rose.  In addition, this gives me the opportunity to recommend to my family, friends, and co-workers a great place to shop.
Michele D. on a gift that was missing a bookmark

Just wanted you to know that my mother loved the gift we sent her for Mother's Day. Thank you for your suggestion to send The Constant Princess. Turns out it was a good one as Philippa Gregory is one of my mother's favorite authors!

I am a huge fan of your gift baskets and have been spreading the word to my friends. Maybe someone will eventually send me one!
Tracy W. on a book gift basket for Mother's Day

Thank you so much for your personal assistance. Your professional, sweet and uplifting nature made all the difference during this trying time for my daughter and I. I look forward to seeing Hannah open all of her gifts in the basket on Easter morning. 
Leslie C. on an Easter basket for her daughter

You guys are wonderful. I forwarded your name to 6 people this morning because selfishly, I don't want you to go away!
Victoria D. after sending a children's book gift basket

Just a note to let you know that my sister LOVED her birthday basket. She told me all about the packaging, the products, etc. and said it was one of the best gifts she's gotten in a long time. Thank you so much for making me look like a super sister!
Erinn C. about a birthday book gift basket that she sent to her sister

Just wanted to let you know that Stephanie was thrilled with the basket. Now I'm going to order one for my other daughter Marilyn, for Christmas :)  Thank you so much for the personal attention you gave this order.
Barbara N.. about a birthday book gift basket for her daughter

Marilyn got her package Christmas eve. She called me yesterday after she opened it, and couldn't stop talking about it! She is SOOOOO delighted. It was wrapped so beautifully, she hated to open it. She said it is the BEST present ever, by far. Thank you so very much!
Barbara N. about a Christmas book gift basket for her other daughter

You made my convalescence a special pleasure. I expect to be using your services for all those times in which someone needs TLC. More power to you. You definitely know women. I will recommend your services to the hilt.
Sue G. on a book gift basket she received as a get well gift

You made it!!!!!!! Thank you for your personal concern and excellent customer service unlike an internet order. That made it even more special….
Hudson W. about a Christmas book gift basket for his aunt

I wanted to thank you very much for the beautiful job you did on my gift for Joyce.  She is a very sick woman and you gave her a lot of joy. When we were able to speak, she used the little bit of strength she had to tell me how every piece was a treat and exquisite.

Thank you. I don't know how much longer I'll have her. She is a beautiful friend and a mentor to me. Every day that she can experience a little joy, counts. 
Thank you.

Judy R. about a book gift basket for her friend

I spoke with Denise and she was absolutely delighted with the package yesterday and it raised her spirits. She said that everything was beautifully wrapped and Ohhhhh...So Elegant. :)
Nah R. about a book gift basket for a colleague

I have to tell you, my mother-in-law just loved her basket and she is still updating me with photos of her flowers that she grew with the seeds in the gift basket. LOL! Thanks so much!
Carie C. on a book gift basket for her mother-in-law

Just to let you know, Carol thought your packaging and presentation were THE most beautiful gift she had ever received!!! She was thrilled!
Ellen M. on a book gift basket for a friend

I wanted to pass along the following comments from my mother...

The Extraordinary Gift Box arrived this afternoon, and it is all it is purported to be. Every item is wonderful and so beautifully wrapped - almost too beautiful to disturb the arrangement. I won't detail each item since I'm sure you had a complete description before placing the order. The classical CD is great, and the book is one I would have chosen for myself.  Thanks again!
Regina S. on a book gift basket she sent to her mother

Our gift was received and she loved it.  Actually raved about it.  We’ll be doing more business together!
Debbie A. on a book gift basket corporate gift she sent to a client

Dear La Vie en Rose, 
I was 3 weeks post-surgery, tired of lying around and feeling depressed that I just could not get over feeling yucky when your gift basket arrived from a friend. When I saw the pink bow and the card that said "Extraordinary gift baskets for extraordinary women" I perked up. Everything was perfect from the presentation to the thoughtfulness of the gifts to the beautiful writing on the gift card.  I could not wait to listen to the music, put on the socks, cuddle up with the book and drink the tea. Instead of feeling bored and frustrated, I luxuriated in feeling special and pampered. It was just what I needed to truly feel better. Thank you for paying attention to every detail in your gift basket. You made me feel like a very happy and fortunate extraordinary woman.
Sue G. on a book gift basket she received

My friend called me immediately upon receiving the gift and was overwhelmed.  Kudos to you! 
Susan P. on on a book gift basket she sent to her friend

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the great service you have! My sister was so thrilled with her basket. She even took pictures before she unwrapped it because she said it was so pretty. It really cheered her up. She loved the short stories and said it was a million times better than flowers! (Of course!) Thank you so much for all your help and patience while I decided what to do! And such quick shipping, too! Thank you, thank you!
Aislinn M. on a book gift basket for her sister

You are the first source I think of for a special gift for special people! My mother-in-law was so pleased with her birthday gift, I decided to send a similar basket to my mother instead of flowers, as a get-well present.
Patty R. about a book gift basket she sent to her mother-in-law

My mother LOVED the gift! My mother is also diabetic and has super-sensitive feet, and she says that the socks are so very soft and comfortable - she doesn't want to walk in them and risk damaging them! Everyone I've sent your gifts to has been so very impressed with the beautiful wrapping you do - I'll have to send one to myself so that I can appreciate it, too! Thank you so much for your wonderful service!
Patty R. about the book gift basket for her mother

I know my friend will be blessed with her box. Everyone who has received one from me has felt very pampered and savored all the little extra touches that so perfectly complete the gift.  
Rita S. about the many book gift baskets she has sent with us

This was the nicest, most appropriate gift I’ve sent in ages. I searched for hours on the internet until finally finding this perfect touch to send my sister after she had surgery. She loved and appreciated everything!  The gift made a far more lasting impression than flowers ever could have. My sister recently called to ask where I ordered this gift so she could do the same for one of her friends. Thank you La Vie en Rose!
Julie W. about a book gift basket for her sister

Thanks. My mom received her 'get well' gift last week and loved it. I have already referred your website to several friends and family members who saw the gift. I really appreciate the attention to detail and charm of your website and customer service experience.
Kristin B.. about  a book gift basket to her mom

Thank you for offering gift selections that I am proud to send.
Sylvia T. about book gift baskets for her friends

The gift basket for Carol arrived beautifully!  She just loved everything and it brightened her day!  Thank you so very much!  
Charlene A. about a book gift basket for her sister

I recently found your website in July and, since then, my family & friends have ordered 4 or 5 gift baskets from your website.  We LOVE your gift baskets! 

I especially want to thank you for offering the Maya Angelou gift. As an African-American, I was THOROUGHLY impressed to find a gift basket where both the book & music relate to my culture.  It was for this reason that I have been bragging to all of my family and friends over the last month about your store. (There are so few places where this type of basket can be found.) THANK YOU!

Sharon H. about the Phenomenal Woman book gift baskets

Thank you so much for responding to me and following up on the delivery. I love your web site, the types of gift baskets you offer and your whole philosophy. I have shared my enthusiasm with others and hope they take advantage of your excellent customer service. I know I will continue to shop with you!

Rosemary D.. about a book gift basket for her friend

Just heard from my aunt, to whom I sent one of your fabulous baskets---- she absolutely LOVED it!  It was her birthday, but she had started a new job and was feeling very stressed and kinda down-----then she got the basket!   She said it's so beautiful it made her cry----the GOOD kind of crying!  :-)

Michelle W. on a book gift basket for her aunt

I have enjoyed the pleasure and delight of both receiving and giving La Vie en Rose gift baskets. The contents are inspired, the presentation flawless and ever, ever so beautiful. Ordering and shipping couldn't be easier. Such happiness in a box!

Mary Ann H. on her Mother's Day book gift basket
& a book gift basket she received from her friend

Reviews of our gifts for CHILDREN

I want to thank you for the basket. This is the reply I received from Nathaniel's mother:

We were so surprised at the beautiful box of presents! The presentation alone made it difficult for us to bring ourselves to open it. It was so pretty. Your generosity is overwhelming. Thank you so much. 

The bunny in the hat is going to go to the hospital for chemo day on Tuesday. He even takes it in the car with us. Thank you so much. Hug your sweet girl for us and tell her you all made a little boy very happy.

I thought you might like to know how much the gift box meant to this child.
Michele H. about a children's book gift basket as a get well gift

I received a book gift basket for my son yesterday and absolutely loved it!  Everything was beautiful and the wrappings were exquisite. What unique gifts for children!
Jennifer B. about a children's book gift basket that was sent to her son

I just wanted to let you know that The Call of the Wild basket was a big hit. My niece loved it. My sister (her mother) said it was wrapped so beautifully, and it was the prettiest basket arrangement she had ever seen. Thank you for your prompt delivery; it arrived exactly on my niece's birthday. Thank you so much, and I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future. 
Carol C. about a children's book gift basket that she sent to her niece

Thank you so much for the wonderful Tooth Fairy gift basket. My daughter was so excited to receive such beautiful gifts from the Tooth Fairy! She especially loved the personalized note and the Fairy Gold coin. We read the book, and she was thrilled to learn she wasn't the only six year old who had been waiting to lose a tooth. In addition, she was quite happy with the Tooth Fairy puppet. She likes that she'll be able to put her future lost teeth in the puppet's pocket for the Tooth Fairy. And she did indeed share the gorgeous butterfly lollipops with her brother and sister.

She's been so thrilled with the entire package, that she has kept it all in the box it came in, and makes sure that her brother and sister cannot get into it. And she has to read the note from the Tooth Fairy to every family member she speaks to. She is beyond thrilled. Thank you so very much for helping to make her first lost tooth so memorable.
Jeanne K. on a Tooth Fairy Gift that her daughter received

It was a lovely gift basket and my nephew loved it (so did his mom! -- and I'm sure she will be ordering from you in the very near future). Thank you so much!
Gazelle Z.. about a  children's book gift basket that she sent to her nephew

My daughter (in Brooklyn) just called to say that the gift basket had just arrived, and it is (by far) one of the most beautifully presented gifts that she has seen.  This is a pretty significant observation as she is a stylist in the home fashion industry. She also just emailed me several pictures of the box and its contents (still wrapped, of course!).  I have to agree with her - your presentation is exceptional!

My grand-daughter was still at school, so she had yet to see her wonderful Easter surprise. Keep up the great work!
Kathleen S. about a children's Easter gift basket for her grand-daughter

Thanks for the lovely gift boxes you offer. It is hard to find nice things to send to injured or sick children. They don't understand flowers and I hate sending cookies/candy without parental permission.
Kim T. about an children's book gift basket for a student

The basket was beautiful! Both Isabella and her mother needed the cheer for it arrived when Isabella had just been battered by a series of surgical tests. Well, a child's face was made happy, and a mother's grief was put on hold when she saw her daughter respond with curiosity and delight to a surprise package.

In the days that followed the books and puppet helped Isabella and her mother deal with the waiting and watching the infectious bacteria that the specialists were fighting to destroy.  Well, Thank God Isabella is now safely recovering at home.

Thank you for caring and for your thoughtful selection, it was appreciated more than words could say. I have told all my friends about your gift baskets, and I hope to call on you again for Isabella's Birthday.
Mary Ann V. about a children's gift basket that was sent to a friend's daughter

Dear Grace
Thank you so... much! You are too kind. We love the penguin puppets and we're learning about them. We'll have fun with them as we learn a penguin song. "Ooo... and ah!" were some of the reactions in class. The children can't wait to hear the book, Snow. We'll have to sing our snow song so we get some. Thank you again. What a great start to the new year!
A thank you note Allison L. received from her daughter's teacher for a Christmas Gift

Thanks so much for your great service. I know my friends children will love getting another wonderful and creative package. It's nice not to have to send baskets of candy, and I can give them books to treasure. Thanks again!

Ruth G. about  the Christmas book gift baskets she sends yearly to her friend's children

Thank you again for all you help in getting this gift to my niece.  I again really truly and deeply appreciate all your time and help with everything you did to make this gift get to her in time especially in these hard times she is going through. 
Kristi T. about the hospital delivery children's gift basket of a gift to her niece

I love your gifts! When I had one sent to my little niece in March it was the biggest hit of all her gifts, everyone loved it and asked me where I got it.
Lisa S. about a children's book gift basket she sent to her niece

I don't usually write letters to companies but this went so well, I had to email you.  I wanted to do something special for my daughter that could arrive on her birthday.  Your Prima Ballerina Basket was perfect for my daughter. As with most dads, my daughter is my little princess and this was the perfect gift.  Also, it was not only something nice but the books, ballerina and card are things of such quality, she will keep them for a lifetime.  Add to this, the efficiency of getting it out on Thursday and delivered on Friday. When, I talked to my daughter Friday night, she couldn't stop talking about the gift. 

My wife was amazed with the quality. She couldn't believe it was from the web and I did it all from my computer in Singapore while I was away on business. She said the expression on my daughters face was priceless and that my daughter carried around the ballerina all day. Well, I just wanted to say thank you.  Too many times, people over commit and under deliver.  In this case, you did the opposite and the value I got from making my daughter happy on her birthday was worth every penny.  Thanks for being a part of that.  I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and I'm sure I will be a customer in the future.
Joe W. on a Ballerina gift basket for his daughter

I would recommend La Vie en Rose to any creative shopper who wants to give a great gift to someone special.  La Vie en Rose saves you time and energy coming up with the perfect gift with their reliable service, and the gift packages are absolutely elegant. I have given many gifts through La Vie en Rose's user-friendly website, and I rate them better than these other big online companies because they add the personal touch that makes a difference. 
Trish S. on a new baby gift basket

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